Who is Unlock Real Estate

Our People 

Unlock Real Estate – Garfield
Jenni & Brooklyn run the show in Garfield they are the only real estate office in the little country town of Garfield. The office has a fast growing rent roll and property sales they can help you with property investment & management of your property portfolio. Ask the girls for all the reasons you should move to the beautiful town of Garfield or invest in the area

Unlock Real Estate – Gembrook
This is where it all began…… from a tiny home office (in Pakenham strangely enough) with the intention of building the brand from Gembrook across to Pakenham. With a love of business and all things property Rachael began the Unlock Real Estate brand with the hope of helping others learn and invest in both property and business 

Unlock Real Estate – YOUR NAME
Write your own story create your own future. You are who your clients want to work with not your boss and not your boss’s brand. Invest in yourself and start your own Unlock Real Estate business…. 12 months from now you will be wishing you made this decision along time ago!!