Joanne’s First 12 Months in Business

Joanne Spencer has had an amazing first year in business below are a few of the challenges and wins starting up her new office with Unlock

What has been the most rewarding part of opening your own office with Unlock Real Estate?

Having the freedom to make the choices to represent the agency in the way that I want to – club sponsorships and partnerships etc. The fact that I am building something for my family that will help their future, rather than working for someone else that just pays the bills today. I hope it also shows them that it is okay to take risks and if you work hard, results will come.

What has been the most unexpected challenges?

How quickly it grew, I thought it would just be me working from home, but within 12 months I have 2 full-time staff and a new office opened.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed working for yourself over for someone else?

It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Initially I was scared of the “back of house’ stuff but it has been great to learn so much about running a business also, it isn’t as scary as I thought. Its has been liberating letting go of the security net and having the courage to step into the uncertain.

Are you happy with the financial returns to-date & do you feel you are on your way to meeting all of your financial goals?

Well exceeded, our first full financial year will be almost double our prospected earnings.

How has the business support been from head office since you have been open for business?

Rachael is always just a call away for even the silliest of questions. She makes business simple and easy to understand.

What kind of input do you have with new ideas, marketing and advertising your brand?

I run ideas through Unlock HQ before sending them out into the world. I am always encouraged and supported with new ideas that I have and this gives me a lot of freedom, that I wouldn’t have had with other franchises.


What is a typical day like for you in business?

I have the flexibility to not only be a real estate agent and business owner, but to balance it with the life of mum and wife. School pick ups and drop offs, in between appointments and running the business is a wonderful freedom.

What advise or feedback would you give to anyone wanting to start an Unlock Real Estate office?

It won’t be easy, nothing successful ever is but the rewards are huge. I have never regretted my decision to make the jump and we have had so many moments where I am so appreciative of everything it has given us both financially and emotionally. My biggest advise it to know when to ask for help, I grew faster than expected and it took a lot to let go of the control and actually hire staff to support and assist in further growth.

What do you feel your greatest achievements have been over your first 12 months in business?

There are so many. The obvious answers are the big ones

Rate my agent agent of the year Nyora

Rate my agency agent of the year Nyora

REB 2020 Finalist for best new office of the year

but honestly, to me the greatest achievements are the little things, every sold sticker that goes on, every listing that hits the market, every excited new home owner and every positive word of mouth referral is helping build something sustainable and amazing .